Hawaiian Plate Lunches will soon be the hot summer dish thanks to Hawaiian Bros, a fast-casual restaurant chain that is expanding into Dallas-Fort Worth. Four locations are expected to open in the next two-months.

Hawaiian Bros opened its first Kansas City location in 2018, when Tyler and Cameron McNie, brothers from Hawaii, opened their first store. They had been inspired by the Hawaiian cuisine and cooking methods of native Hawaiians and have since expanded to other locations.

Hawaiian Bros Restaurants

The Hawaiian plate lunch is the house’s speciality: pulled pork, chicken teriyaki, and side dishes like jasmine rice or tangy macaroni and salad. You can choose from a variety of plate lunches, including classic, large, or large sizes. All come with white rice, macaroni, and your choice protein. Classic plate lunches include chicken or pork, two spoonfuls of white rice and one scoop macaroni salad.

Since August 2020, the company has been operating a ghost kitchen at Dallas-Fort Worth. However, the first brick-and mortar locations in the Metroplex will open in June and Jul. There will be 18 more units by July’s end.

What is Hawaiian Bros.? And Why are They Now Suddenly on Every Street Corner?

We are not going to lie and say that Hawaiian Bros. Island Grill restaurants are growing faster than spring dandelions. This chain, which has been in existence since 2018, offers a Hawaiian version of the comfort food classic: the humble Hawaiian meal. This now-famous meal originated in the 1950s, when it was first offered at roadside stands across the islands. The Hawaiian plate lunch is a classic dish that includes meat, white rice, and macaroni salad.

Six Hawaiian Bros. have opened so far in the metro, including one in Belton. One more is planned for the Pavilion at Ward Parkway Mall.

What is the attraction? What’s the appeal? It’s the Jackknife Exercise overwhelming desire to eat Hawaiian food. We were dumb consumers and found that most of the menu items are gluten-free. It’s also completely nut-free, for what it’s really worth.

Second, everything can be a mixture of something and sweet. Sweet and spicy, sweet-savory, sweet-sweet, and sweet and sweet. It is also suitable for families. It’s a combination cultural and dining experience. It was priceless to see the dad trying to explain to his children what Spam was. Although I don’t know for sure, I believe the counter clerk gave the children a free order of Spam Musubi.

99.7 The Point’s midday hosts Shaylee Lately and her Hawaiian Bros. Island Grill fan Shaylee are both a big fan of the restaurant and don’t mince any chicken. She admits that she has leftovers in her fridge right now. “I’ll show your next bank statement how many times I go!” Make sure to save room for Dole Whip, their delicious amusement park treat. This tropical soft serve is low in calories, fat-free and dairy-free. It is almost health food.

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Hawaiian Bros: Will be serving Dallas homey rice plates

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