NEW YORK – May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – PulseData has created an industry-leading algorithm that predicts the progression of kidney disease in the United States. This is a costly and devastating disease. By looking at a person’s medical records and coding scientific research into vytalize health algorithms, the company can predict if they will develop kidney disease. PulseData can identify 40% of people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the late stages and predict who will develop it.

Vytalize Health is a provider for Medicare beneficiaries who provide value-based care. Its network of independent primary physicians provides care and support for over 65,000 patients. Vytalize Health facilitates the transition from value-based care by offering primary care providers financial and technological solutions that support their growth and operations. Vytalize Health has partnered with pulse Data in order to accurately and efficiently identify those who are most at-risk.

PulseData used its scoring engine in order to identify patients with chronic comorbidities. Vytalize uses remote patient monitoring and Telehealth to focus high-touch care on its most vulnerable patients. This ensures that the resources it has are able to deliver better outcomes and lower costs.

Faris Ghawi is Vytalize’s CEO. He said that Cherokee Health Park pulseData allowed them to quickly build a safety net and intervene with the most vulnerable members. We are excited about the potential benefits this partnership will bring our members and primary care providers moving forward.

According to Teddy Cha, CEO of pulseData, “Vytalize has been at the forefront in Medicare ACOs, value-based care, and Medicare ACOs.” They are an excellent example of what can be achieved when there is collaboration between outstanding care providers, financial incentives, and data intelligence. This is American healthcare’s future.

Vytalize Innovation Lab is launching the partnership with pulseData. This platform was designed to attract and implement leading digital health solutions within a value-based setting.

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