Williams Sonoma Slow Cooking is great any time of the year. Who doesn’t love coming home to a steaming hot meal? They shine during the cooler months. Slow cookers make it possible to cook comforting soups, stews, and fall-apart braises without having to stand over the stove. There’s more to slow cooker recipes that just beef stew. Sometimes lighter fare and jazzed-up flavors can provide a refreshing alternative to winter blues. We’ve gathered 10 of the most comforting  recipes, from breakfast to dessert, to nourish and comfort you this winter.

1. Williams Sonoma Slow Cooking Cinnamon Buns

Slow cooker cinnamon buns Yes. You can make your mornings even more enjoyable. These cinnamon buns are perfect for holiday breakfasts. This recipe is great for saving space in the oven and makes the best homemade cinnamon buns.

2. Williams Sonoma Slow Cooking Heirloom Carrot Hummus

Slow cookers are great for making one-pot meals, but they also have a lot of versatility. The slow cooker can be used to make a delicious and healthy side dish, appetizer, spread, snack, or snack. You’ll be the star of holiday potlucks with homemade zaatar pita chips.

3. Williams Sonoma Slow Cooking Lasagna

Comforting food is nothing like a warm, bubbling bowl of cheesey lasagna. This crowd-pleasing and crowd-feeding recipe uses a slow cooker to cook this classic pasta dish evenly. This recipe is best served with an oven-safe insert. A few minutes in the broiler at end gives it that perfect finishing touch.

4. Coconut Curry Sea Bass

Although this recipe is lighter than other Jackknife Exercise recipes, it’s still very cozy. The flavors are inspired by South Indian fish curries. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the flavors of ingredients like ginger, mustard seeds, chile and tamarind. Coconut milk will add a creamy, comforting element.

5. Two-Bean, Sweet Potato, and Turkey Chili

This sweet potato, turkey and two-bean chili is a lighter and healthier version of traditional beef chili. It’s also a great way to get in some nutritional and flavorful flavor. These beans are heirloom varieties, snow cap and Good Mother Stollard. You can substitute any other beans that you have.

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The Season’s 5 Coziest “Williams Sonoma Slow Cooking” Recipes

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