How to build a lagging chest using a 1/4 rep pump

Do you struggle to build your chest? Do you feel stuck in a rut and can’t seem make it to the top? The chest is the one area of the body that seems to be …

Do you struggle to build your chest? Do you feel stuck in a rut and can’t seem make it to the top? The chest is the one area of the body that seems to be behind when it comes to exercise. Sovereign is a lifestyle brand specializing in luxury supplements and sportswear. Sovereign formulates and designs unique Helimix Shaker products with high-quality and innovation as our primary goals. At Sovereign, we praise the individuality of each person and believe that dreams are achievable.

It can be difficult to build a strong chest. Once you have the right exercises and techniques in place, you will start to see results.

If you’re struggling to get that Hulk-like chest, this is the best way to do it. It’s called the 1/4 rep push. Does it sound too good to be true It’s not. Below, I will show you how it works. Continue reading!

Tips for Training Your Lagging Chest

Although it is believed that training the lower pecs (chest), can be difficult, this is a general assumption. These clever tips will help you build your pecs quickly and without burning out.

For increased muscle engagement, combine exercises

It’s important to practice compound movements that involve multiple muscle groups if you want to increase your upper body strength and build your chest. This is especially true for weaker chest muscles than those with larger muscles like the back and shoulders.

Repetition the Lower-Pec Movement

A great tip for lagging chest development is to do the chest movements twice in a workout: the first one at the beginning and then the second one halfway through.

Focus on the first rep and focusing on getting a stretch in your pecs. Also, contract the muscle hard at top. Focus on lifting heavier weight for 6-8 reps. This will build strength and muscle.

Although compound exercises are great for strengthening the whole body and building chest, it is important to include some isolated movements. These exercises will target every head of your pec muscle, ensuring that your chest is well-developed.

Try new chest exercises

It is important to challenge your body with new exercises. It doesn’t matter if you invent new moves. Anything you do in the past counts as “new”, because your muscles will be accustomed to the routine and will enjoy a healthy surprise.

Your body will need to move outside of its comfort zone when you do a new exercise. This requires more effort. As they attempt to overcome new resistance patterns, more effort equals greater resistance.

After a rest day, train chest

The most important factor in muscle building is recovery. Anyone who has even a basic knowledge of fitness training will know that rest is crucial for building new muscles.

During your workout, allow your chest to rest. You should allow your body to rest for a few days after each workout so that it can build new muscles and strengthen the ones that have been damaged.

For increased intensity, try new techniques

To build your chest, you will need to work out until muscle failure. Here’s the surprise: you will also train after failure. Give it another go. You can do 2-3 repetitions again. Those 2-3 reps are very valuable. They will make your chest grow like nothing else.

Pick a heavyweight weight – this will make it almost impossible to do. Do three reps, then pause for around 20 seconds. For just three more reps, you can give it another shot. This will allow you to lift that unattainable weight 15 times. It’s amazing!

Once you’ve reached your limits, it’s time to try the negatives. Ask your gym buddy to help you hold the weights until it’s no longer possible for more than five seconds.

A great way to stay engaged even after a failure to increase muscle growth is to lose 25% of your weight and train for failure. It sounds too daunting, but it is a great way to get a big chest.

What is the 1/4 Rep pump Method?

A 1/4 rep pump or quarter rep technique adds an additional repetition at the bottom. These are great for stretching and building tension in the pecs where they are most needed.

These are three ways to do quarter reps with pressing exercises.

1/4 Rep at the Bottom

This is the basic 1/4 rep technique. Start with the regular eccentric (lowering portion) of the lift. When you reach the bottom, or top of an exercise such as a dumbbell row, press the weight one-quarter way up. Then stop and briefly lower it again before going all the way up.

Iso-1/4 Rep at The Bottom

Start by bringing both weights to their starting position. Then, secure them by pressing down on each side. For a quarter of a rep, lower one side and extend the other for the bottom. For 1/4 reps on the opposite side, place the dumbbell at the top of the exercise. You can switch sides after each rep.

Missleading 1/4 Rep Method

Begin by dropping the weight to its lowest point. Next, press up to 1/4 reps and hold for 2 second. You should press as fast as you can to get to the 1/2-way point. Hold static for 2 seconds. Once you have reached the halfway point, reduce the weight and then press it down again.