HELPFARE TO FAMILY CARENOW URGENT CARE Being a mom can make it difficult to manage your busy schedule. Access to high-quality, affordable healthcare is crucial when you are in need. It can be difficult to …


Being a mom can make it difficult to manage your busy schedule. Access to high-quality, affordable healthcare is crucial when you are in need. It can be difficult to make an appointment with your family doctor. My doctor is often booked for several weeks, sometimes even months. CareNow Urgent Care is an option that works well for busy families such as mine.

Visit your local CareNow if you have a family member who is ill, injured, or in need of a vaccine. CareNow Urgent Care has more than 100 clinics in the United States. They accept walk-ins and offer web check-in.

Location. CareNow Urgent Care operates over 100 clinics in the United States, including a number right here in Florida. You can be sure to find a CareNow Urgent Care location near you. Find the closest location by clicking here.

There is no appointment required. CareNow Urgent Care welcomes walk-ins. Because I’m a busy mom and entrepreneur, it is hard to find the time. Friends and family even taught me to allow myself 30-minutes of flexibility when planning. Although I do my best, it is difficult for me to keep appointments. All this is to say that I love the convenience of being able to come in whenever it’s convenient for me.

Seek medical attention after hours and on weekends. Emergencies and the onset or progression of illness can occur outside business hours. CareNow Urgent Care clinics can be reached late or on weekends, depending on the clinic. This allows you to fit your busy schedule. These extended hours can make it easy to schedule appointments during work hours.

Web Check-In allows you to wait at home and not in the lobby. CareNow’s Web Check In is a great way to save time. I don’t have to wait in an emergency room waiting room or doctor’s office for hours, which I hate. There’s nothing worse than being in a waiting room when you don’t feel so hot or worse, if your child is sick. provides more information about what CareNow does. You can also visit the CareNow blog to get health tips and other useful information.

This sounds like a great option for your family’s healthcare. Let me know if there is a CareNow Urgent Care Clinic near you!


We had to make a quick visit to the urgent care recently. We were concerned that Weston had more than just a minor injury from his baseball lesson. It was great to have an urgent care center nearby that could take an x-ray. It is important to have quick healthcare, especially if something unexpected happens.

The need for this xray caused us to cancel our plans for a full week of fun summer activities. My main focus was on finding a place that was open at all times and had minimal wait time.

CareNow can be used as an alternative to the emergency department for minor issues. Clinics can also be used for minor injuries or illnesses that aren’t urgent. CareNow is a great choice for families because of four key features.


CareNow Urgent Care is available in over 100 locations throughout the country. It’s located about 8 miles from where we live, which is very convenient. will help you locate the closest location.

It is a great way to be sure you know where the nearest clinic is, before you actually need it.


Many CareNow Urgent Care Clinics are open late at night and on weekends. Hours can vary depending on where you live, so make sure to verify the hours at the closest clinic. It’s great that our clinic is open on Saturdays. It is nice to know that we can go there if we need.


CareNow can treat a variety of minor injuries and illnesses. They treat the following conditions:

  • Colds
  • Cuts
  • Ear infection
  • Flu
  • Headache
  • Hives
  • Pink Eye
  • Sore throat
  • Strained Muscle
  • UTI


When we are in urgent need of quick medical attention, the longest thing that worries me is the waiting. We don’t want to wait too long if one of our children is sick or hurt. The child who is not the patient, but is required to go along, is generally quite calm at first. However, if they have to wait for a long time, it can be difficult for them to remain patient.

CareNow provides Web Check-In, which allows you to check in online and reduce the wait time at the clinic. It saves you time and allows you to get in faster.

It’s nice to be able wait at home, where I feel more comfortable. It’s easy to use extended hours with Web Check-In. You can check in whenever you’re available and receive the care you need. Web Check-In is a great way to check in before your next visit.

A walk-in patient is always welcome and no appointment is required carenow urgent care

Parents who work full-time need to have peace of mind. I know this from personal experience. It’s a great relief to know that CareNow is available in our local community whenever we need it. It offers convenience and a variety of healthcare services. I use it as my go-to when my family member is sick or has a minor injury.