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To Help “Aspiring Health” Care Entrepreneurs

Are you passionate about Aspiring Health and the people who work in it? Perhaps you are looking for the next challenge and to lead healthcare’s evolution. Grand Canyon University’s dual MBA/MSN: Nursing Leadership in Health Care Systems degree programs will prepare you to be a successful entrepreneur in healthcare. Here are five tips for healthcare entrepreneurs looking to start their own business.

Give strength to your Strengths Aspiring Health

It is crucial to recognize your strengths as an aspiring entrepreneur. It will be easier to build a business around your expertise than it is to start from scratch. Successful entrepreneurs often developed their business plan while working in a field.

You might find out that your company needs a new system for entering patient data while you work as a healthcare professional. Based on your MBA-MSN knowledge, you will be able to search literature, suggest a solution, create a plan, and then evaluate the results.

  • Networking is everything

Your existing contacts in the healthcare industry can be a great resource for growing your business. They may be able to give you valuable advice or refer you to other doctors and patients. You can reap the benefits of these relationships many years later.

  • Keep your mind open

Highly successful healthcare entrepreneurs are able to identify areas that need improvement. They know that to be relevant and continue learning is essential in order for their business to succeed. They can gain new customers by being open to new strategies and keeping existing customers happy.

  • Don’t be Discouraged Aspiring Health

It is important to understand that there will be ups and downs when starting any type of business. Many obstacles are part of the path to success. Your ability to overcome these obstacles will propel you to success! Change your outlook to be more positive and see the difficulties as opportunities for improvement. You will eventually gain perseverance!

  • Believe in yourself

You must believe in your potential as a healthcare entrepreneur. You must believe in yourself, even if others don’t. You will find it easier to ignore negative comments about your business if you are passionate about what you do. You can find fulfillment in making a difference in the lives and businesses of others.

Grand Canyon University’s College of Nursing and comprehensive health orlando Care Professions provides a curriculum that combines classroom theories with real-world scenarios in order to prepare students to enter the workforce. Visit our website to learn more about GCU’s health care programs. You can also request additional information by clicking the button at top of the page.

Peel Region recognizes Peel area Health professionals as they strive

After being awarded the 2019 Peel Health Foundation scholarship, five Curtin University students from Peel will have more support in reaching their goals and ambitions to become qualified health professionals.

The Peel Health Foundation Scholarship was created by former Peel penndel mental health Foundation Trustees and Curtin University. It supports students who are committed to the Peel region and wish to study a medical, health-related undergraduate or graduate degree at Curtin.

Catriona Garratt, who studies Physiotherapy, Sarah McClure, who studies Health Sciences, Monique Rose, who is completing a Master in Nursing Practice, are this year’s recipients. These three recipients join Donna Giles and Evangeline Economidis, both of whom are completing a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy and have been awarded the scholarship again.

Professor Deborah Terry, Curtin University Vice Chancellor, congratulated scholarship recipients and said that the program was a great opportunity for future health professionals from the Peel region.

Professor Terry stated that the scholarship was an important initiative and will offer opportunities to students from Peel who might not otherwise have the financial means to finish their university studies.

“There is a rising need for doctors, nurses, and other health professionals in rural and remote areas across Western Australia. This scholarship will help to attract health professionals who are dedicated to improving the quality of health services in their community.

“I want to congratulate all scholarship recipients, including future nurses, and wish them all of the best in their future studies here at Curtin University.”

Ms Ann Fletcher, former Chairman of Peel Health Foundation, stated that this is the second year for the Peel west pines behavioral health Foundation Scholarships. She also said that there were eight recipients last year, including the first medical student.

Ms Fletcher stated, “We are thrilled to announce that five additional recipients were awarded the scholarship in 2019, and wish them all of the best in their studies as well as future careers in healthcare.”

The generosity of the community contributed $1.25 Million to the Peel Heath Foundation. Curtin University donated $1.25 Million in 2017.

The agreement was signed by Curtin University’s Curtin Foundation and Peel Health Foundation Limited. $250,000 was allotted to the new Peel ManorCare Health Services Hub. Aspiring Health remaining capital will be used to establish the Curtin Clinical School in Mandurah. This school will offer multi-disciplinary training opportunities for students in the healthcare industry.

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