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Leadership Opportunities in Public Health

Leadership Opportunities in Public Health

Public health leadership entails inspiring, motivating, and motivating others to reach their community objectives.

Public health leadership is essential to improving both local communities and global populations. Public health leaders can make a lasting difference in people’s lives by advocating for health awareness, disease prevention, and healthcare education.

Strong public health policies are essential to the success of inclusive public health initiatives. They ensure accessibility, affordability and efficiency while fostering equity, social justice and effectiveness.

Public Health Leadership Competencies and Curriculum

Master’s in Public Health programs often aim to develop leadership qualities in future professionals working in this area.

  • Population Accuracy
  • Communication
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Strategy & Systems Thinking
  • Personal growth

Policy Development

Graduate-level courses on public health cover advanced topics related to law, policy and program planning. They also address social and behavioral healthcare as well as applied practical learning.

  • MPH Fast Fact: Flexible MPH programs enable students to complete their degree completely online. You have the choice of attending full or part time at Goodwin, a career-focused college that prioritizes convenience. MPH students have three exciting concentrations to choose from: community health or global health.
  • Master’s students in Public Health are equipped to assume leadership roles within many fields of public health practice.
  • Discover Leadership Opportunities That Benefit Communities and Populations in Public Health Leadership Careers.
  • Six rewarding leadership positions in public health that require an MPH degree and offer excellent salary potential are listed below.


  • Professional Responsibilities. Data analysts examine clinical trials and medical procedures to gather the most pertinent information for public health programs.
  • Possible Pay Rate: In 2021 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) determined the median annual income for biostatisticians to be $95,570.

Disaster and Emergency Specialist

  • Professional Responsibilities. Disaster and Emergency Specialists gather data from those on the frontlines of epidemics, natural catastrophes, terrorist attacks and other crises to provide essential support to affected communities.
  • Potential Pay Rate:According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2021, disaster and emergency professionals made an average annual wage of $76,730.

Environmental Policy Analyst

  • Responsibilities as a Professional: Environmental Policy Analysts collect and analyze environmental data in order to provide guidance to government officials regarding global environmental policy challenges and solutions.
  • Potential Pay Rate: According to the 2021 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, environmental policy analysts earned an average yearly salary of $76,530 in 2021.


  • Professional Responsibilities. An epidemiologist’s role is to investigate the causes and effects of illness, injury or other health problems. This involves identifying vulnerable populations, increasing prevention efforts and controlling them accordingly. Epidemiologists help reduce public illness risks through community education campaigns, environmental contamination research projects and public health policy development initiatives.
  • Possible Pay Rate: According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, epidemiologists made an annual median salary of $78,830 in 2021.

Director of Public Health

  • Responsibilities as a Professional: Public health directors have the responsibility for administering facility, state or national public services and programs. Their mandate includes creating budgets, assuring federal laws are followed, holding hearings about public health matters – ultimately improving quality of life for citizens.
  • Potential Pay Rate: According to the 2021 Bureau of Labor Statistics, public health directors made an annual median income of $101,340.

Public Health Social Worker

Professional Responsibilities

A social worker in public health advocates for historically underserved communities and helps individuals access quality healthcare. In addition, they educate, engage, intervene and implement programs tailored specifically to a population’s needs.

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