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Tips to Help Someone With An Addiction

Maintaining normalcy and homeostasis while being drug free requires that addicts cease use of these substances. Counseling and therapies can help curb that craving while detoxification takes care of any withdrawal issues that may arise. Phoenix residents may find Spring Board Recovery residential (similar to inpatient) or addiction recovery center centers to be ideal for them.

Once an addict is no longer under the influence of their drug of choice, they can experience many things. One is an outpouring of emotions that had been suppressed through substance abuse; secondly, clarity and openness when thinking. As this individual needs to learn how to cope with, recover from and live without drugs of choice, professional counseling is invaluable.

Addiction is a complex illness. Not only the addict, but their friends and family members too can be affected by it. Here are seven ways that family and friends can offer support to an addicted friend or relative.

Educate Yourself

Gain more understanding about addictions, their process and effects on family members and friends. Knowledge is power, and it can help you better comprehend yourself and those closest to you.

Get Counseling

Individual counseling may be beneficial to you. Counseling isn’t just for addicts – you can also help those close to you manage their addiction better if they can see that you’re making progress with managing it more effectively. There are plenty of resources available that can help locate counselors; such as mental health benefits through insurance or the Employee Assistance Program at work. Speak with someone trusted who can direct you towards appropriate resources before conducting a local search.

Be Assisted With Speciality Assistance

If you require legal or financial advice, consulting an attorney who is insured could be beneficial. You can locate organizations offering sliding-scale fees by calling your local Mental Health Agency or United Way; alternatively, churches may provide free or low cost counseling sessions.

Do Not Allow

Family members and friends of addicts often struggle with the effects of the disease, and family members and friends may try to support their addiction even if they don’t realize it. Do not attempt to save the addict; people often cannot change until forced into change. Furthermore, do not financially support an addict or their addiction in any way; buying groceries or paying court fees only prolongs the illness as addicts can avoid these expenses.

Be realistic with your expectations.

Never try to moralize or lecture an addict. They may not understand your words, so hold them accountable for their expectations. Furthermore, do not expect addicts or their families to follow through on promises when they are struggling with addiction. Similarly, do not react with anger or sympathy – doing so only adds fuel to the fire of addiction itself.

Take Care of Yourself

In order to best assist an addict, it is essential that you focus on taking care of yourself. Stress can lead to resentment, strain and even depression – making it difficult to offer assistance for someone who has caused so much distress in your life. You can do this by getting enough rest each night, exercising regularly, socializing regularly and seeking support when needed.

It is essential to remember that you are not alone in these struggles. These difficulties are not unique to you, so make sure you receive the support and resources necessary for success.

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